Our sponsors

Our sponsors: Supporting vital environmental citizen science.

The MicroBlitz citizen science project has huge environmental protection potential. That’s why our unique program has broad sponsorship support locally, in Western Australia, and internationally. But the potential to do good isn’t the only reason to become a MicroBlitz sponsor.

With thanks to our sponsors.

university of wa

Without UWA, MicroBlitz wouldn’t be happening. The university is making a key contribution to our staffing and operating costs.

Providing vital sponsorship via the newly founded Office of Science, the State Government is also making a vital contribution to our staffing and operating costs.

As a progressive life sciences company with customers in more than 180 countries, Life Technologies’ support with our lab’s operating equipment is massive benefit for our project.

Through their sponsorship of MicroBlitz events and community education GrowSafe is helping to raise the communities understanding of microbes and the important role they play in soil biology.

Sponsorship: Good for you, the community
and the environment.

When you look at our research and why it’s important, it’s easy the see the potential for MicroBlitz to make a difference in protecting our environment. That’s enough of a reason to become a sponsor, but there are other reasons.

Sponsorship is a unique opportunity to align your brand with our work’s environmental and educational outcomes; an opportunity to get your brand out there, throughout the state; an opportunity to connect with young people and the broader community.

If you share our commitment to the WA community, education and the environment, sponsorship is the ideal way to position yourself as a future-focused and socially responsible organisation. So if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, joining us as a partner or making a donation, let’s talk. Get in touch with our team in Perth to discuss the options.