Our partners

Our partners:
Together, we’re stronger.

Partnership is part and parcel of citizen science. By working together, as a community, we can all contribute to the greater good – and MicroBlitz has the potential to do a lot of good. That’s why wea��d like to thank our partners for their ongoing support.

With thanks to our valued partners.

Why partnership is good, for MicroBlitz
and your organisation.

Our partners provide a range of support and assistance, not least by spreading the word about our unique citizen science project, our research and why MicroBlitz is important. But like all the best relationships, it’s a two-way street – we add value to their projects, too. In short, by working together and pooling our knowledge and resources, we all achieve more.

With so many citizen science projects in WA, there are lots of partnership opportunities for you and your organisation. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a MicroBlitz partner, or joining our sponsorship supporters, we’d love to talk to you, so get in touch. Alternatively, why not make a vital contribution to our work with a secure online donation?